List of Spanish expressions using the verb pasar

A list of expressions with the Spanish verb pasar

Spanish vocabulary

pasar tiempo to spend time
pasar por un lugar to pass through a place
pasarse por un lugar to stop by somewhere
pasar a limpio (Spain) to make a neat clean copy
pasar en limpio (LatAm) to make a neat clean copy
pasar a la historia to go down in history
pasar de alguien (Spain) to ignore someone
pasar a mejor vida to go to a better place (euphemism for death)
pasar factura to take its toll on (negative consequences)
pasar revista to inspect, to look over, to review
pasar de largo to pass by without paying attention
pasar de moda to go out of fashion
pasar lista to take the register/roll call (e.g. at school)
pasar desapercibido to go unnoticed
pasar de castaño a oscuro to go a step too far
pasar la noche en vela to not sleep a wink
pasar por alto to unintentionally overlook something
pasar por alto to deliberately let something pass
pasar por el quirófano to go under the knife (surgery)
pasar necesidades to go through a tough time (financially)
pasar vergüenza to experience/live through shame/a shameful time
pasar calor to feel particularly hot
pasar apuros to experience financial difficulties
pasar hambre to experience hunger
pasarlo bien (Spain) to have a good time
pasarla bien (LatAm) to have a good time
pasarlo mal (Spain) to have a bad time
pasarla mal (Latam) to have a bad time
pasarle algo a alguien when something happens to someone
pasársele algo a alguien to get over something (recover after being upset/unwell)
pasarse de la raya to cross the line (figuratively)
pasarse de rosca to go over the limit [doing something]/go a step too far (figuratively)
pasarse de rosca (LatAm) to be overexcited
pasarse de rosca (Spain) to wear down [a screw] (literally)
estar pasado/a de rosca (Spain) to be worn down (emotionally)
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