Spanish expressions with the verb echar

Learn lots of different expressions using the Spanish verb echar in a figurative way


echar un ojo (Spain) to have a look, a glance
echar un vistazo (Spain) to have a look, a glance
echarle los tejos a alguien (Spain) to flirt with someone
echar la llave (Spain) to lock with a key
echar llave (LatAm) to lock with a key
echar el cerrojo to lock with a key
echarse una siesta to sleep an afternoon nap
echar de menos a alguien to miss someone
echarse a perder to go rotten (food)
echarse a perder (Spain) to go off the rail (people)
echarse un novio/una novia (Spain) to get yourself a boyfriend/girlfriend
echar algo en falta (Spain) to miss something
echarse un pulso con alguien (Spain) to arm wrestle
echar chispas to be hopping mad
echar a correr to suddenly start running
echar le├▒a al fuego to add fuel to the fire
echar a suertes (Spain) to toss a coin
echar una indirecta a alguien to drop a hint to someone
echar por tierra to destroy (an idea)
echar una cana al aire to let your hair down
echarle un cable a alguien to lend someone a hand
echar una carta al correo to send a letter
echar una partida de algo to play a game of something
echarle la culpa a alguien to blame someone
echar algo a la basura to put something in the rubish bin
echar sal a la comida to put salt in the food
echársele a uno la hora encima (Spain) to suddenly realise it's very late
echar cuentas to figure out how much
echar cuentas con alguien (Spain) to count on someone
echar la casa por la ventana to spend a lot of money
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