Spanish expressions with "boca"

A list of useful Spanish idioms with the body part "mouth"

Spanish vocabulary

a pedir de boca swimmingly, perfectly
de boca en boca by word of mouth
quedarse con la boca abierta to be left with one's mouth open/agape, to be stunned
andar en boca de todos to be talked about, be the talk of the town
el que tiene boca se equivoca we all make mistakes
venírsele a la boca algo to say the first thing that come to one's mind
sin abrir la boca without saying anything
en boca cerrada no entran moscas silence is golden
por boca de [alguien] through (someone)
meterse en la boca del lobo to put one's head in the lion's mouth
hacer boca (Spain) to whet someone's appetite
por la boca muere el pez silence is golden, it's best to keep one's own counsel
se me hace la boca agua my mouth is watering
decir algo con la boca pequeña (Spain) to say something without really meaning it
decir algo con la boca chica (Spain) to say something without really meaning it
buscar la boca a alguien to try to draw someone out , to provoke someone
boca arriba face up
boca abajo face down
¡cállate la boca! shut up!
coserse la boca to keep quiet
sin decir esta boca es mía without a word to anybody
(respiración) boca a boca mouth-to-mouth resuscitation
beber a boca de jarro to drink to excess
disparar a boca de jarro to shoot point-blank, shoot at close range
irse de boca to say more than you should
de la boca para afuera without commitment
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