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Spanish expressions with "salir"

A list of the most common Spanish idioms using the verb"salir"

Spanish vocabulary

Salir a alguien to take after someone
Salir a flote to stay afloat
Salir adelante (obstacles in life) to move forward
Salir a la luz (being made public) to come to light
Salir a pedir de boca to turn out as one expects
Salir bien (good result) to come out well
Salir bien parado to come out unhurt
Salirse con la suya to have it your way
Salir corriendo to leave in a hurry (running)
Salir de cuentas to be due (to give birth/pregnancy)
Salir del armario to come out of the closet
Salir de marcha to go out drinking/clubbing
Salir de paseo to go out for a walk
Salir del cascarón to be wet behind the ears
Salir en la tele to be on TV
Salirse por la tangente to go off on a tangent
Salir por peteneras to dodge the question/issue
Salir rana to turn out to be a disappointment
Salirle el tiro por la culata to backfire
Salirle los colores to blush (embarrasment)
Salir disparado to shoot off quickly
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