Spanish expressions with "dar/darse"

A list of Spanish idioms using the verb to give

Spanish vocabulary

dar a luz to give birth
dar a conocer algo to give information about something
dar a entender algo to insinuate something
dar con algo to find something
dar de comer a alguien to feed someone
dar de sí to stretch/to give
dar de lado a alguien to ignore and exclude someone
dar en el clavo to hit the nail on the head
dar que pensar to give food for thought
dar por sentado to assume / take for granted
dar por hecho algo to assume something
dar por muerto a alguien to assume someone is dead
dar pena algo a alguien to feel sad/sorry for something
dar pereza algo a alguien to make one feel unmotivated
dar la lata a alguien to bother someone
darle la mano a alguien to shake hands with someone
dar miedo to be scary
dar abasto to keep up with something
dar caña a alguien   to reprimand someone
dar caña a alguien to beat someone
dar vergüenza to feel ashamed
dar un puñetazo to punch
dar una paliza a alguien to beat someone up
darse por vencido to give up
darse por aludido to take the hint
dárselas de algo to pretend to be
darse cuenta de algo to realize something
darse un beso to kiss
darse prisa to hurry up
darse un homenaje to treat yourself
darse aires to be pretentious/put on airs
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