Talking about feelings (moods)

A list of useful vocabulary with verb "estar" to talk about feelings.


Estar aburrido/a To be bored
Estar alegre To be cheerful
Estar asustado/a To be scared
Estar bien To be well
Estar cansado/a To be tired
Estar confundido/a To be confused
Estar contento/a To be happy
Estar deprimido/a To be down
Estar enfermo/a To be sick/ill
Estar enfadado/a To be upset
Estar enamorado/a To be in love
Estar estresado/a To be stressed
Estar feliz To be happy
Estar fenomenal To be great
Estar mal To feel bad
Estar nervioso/a To be nervous
Estar ocupado/a To be busy
Estar preocupado/a To be worried
Estar regular To be not so good/so-so
Estar relajado/a To be relaxed
Estar tranquilo/a To be calm
Estar triste To be sad

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