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Verbs with prepositions in Spanish

An advance list of verbs with prepositions in Spanish

Spanish vocabulary

acercarse a to approach
acordarse de to remember to
acostumbrarse a to get used to
alegrarse de to be happy to/ about
amenazar con to threaten with
arrepentirse de to regret
ayudar a to help
burlarse de to make fun of
comenzar con to begin with
comenzar por to begin with/by
confiar en to trust/to trust in
consistir en to consist of
contar con to rely on
cuidar a to take care of
dar la vuelta a to go round
dejar de to stop
despedirse de to say goodbye to
disculparse por to apologize for
disfrutar de to enjoy
dudar en to hesitate to
encargarse de to be in charge of
esforzarse por to struggle to/ to do your best
estar por to be in favor of
hacer bien en to be right to/ in doing something
insistir en to insist on
llamar a to call
olvidarse de to forget about
optar por to opt for
preocuparse de to be worried about
quedar en to agree to
resistirse a to resist
resistirse a to refuse to
salir de to leave (a place)
soñar con to dream about
tener que ver con to concern/ to have to do with
tratar de to try/ to attempt
I'll be right with you...