Ordering coffee in Spain

A list of different types of coffee that you can order in Spain.


un café solo an espresso
un café largo a long coffee/an americano (shot of coffee with added hot water)
un café cortado a coffee with a small amount of milk
un café con leche a coffee with milk
un café con hielo an iced coffee
un capuchino a cappuccino
un carajillo a black coffee with liquor
un descafeinado a decaffeinated (decaf) coffee
una leche manchada a latte (hot milk with a shot of coffee)
tomar un café to have a coffee
servir un café to serve a coffee
en vaso in a glass
en taza in a cup
¿Algo más? anything else?
un café irlandés an Irish coffee
un café moka a Mocha coffee
un café vienés a Viennese coffee
azúcar moreno brown sugar
azúcar blanco white sugar
sacarina saccharine
edulcorante sweetener

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