Adjectives that change meaning with ser/estar

Some adjectives change their meaning with ser and estar


Ser listo/lista To be clever
Estar listo/lista To be ready
Ser negro/negra To be black (skin colour)
Estar negro/negra To be furious
Estar negro/negra To be tanned
Ser verde To be green (colour)
Ser verde To be dirty (joke, old man, film)
Estar verde To be green/unripe
Ser limpio/limpia To be clean (a clean person)
Estar limpio/limpia To not have any money
Estar limpio/limpia To be clean (of drugs/alcohol etc)
Ser católico/católica To be a Catholic
(No) estar católico/católica (Not to) be in good health
Ser malo/mala To be a bad person (morally)
Ser malo/mala To be naughty
Estar malo/mala To be ill/sick
Estar malo/mala To be off (related to food, e.g. stale or mouldy)
Ser vivo/viva To be a dynamic, outgoing person
Estar vivo/viva To be alive
Ser despierto/despierta To be smart/alert
Estar despierto/despierta To be awake
Ser delicado/delicada To be delicate/sensitive
Estar delicado/delicada To be fragile health-wise
Ser atento/atenta To be attentive/considerate
Estar atento/atenta To be paying attention
Ser bueno/buena To be good (a good person)
Estar bueno/buena To be tasty (food and drink)
Estar bueno/buena To be sexually attractive ("fit/hot" person)

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