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Spanish terms for types of animal meat

A list of vocabulary for naming different types of animal meat in Spanish

Spanish vocabulary

la carne meat (referring to any meat generally)
la carne (LatAm) beef
la carne de vaca beef
la carne de res (LatAm) beef
la res (LatAm) beef
la carne de ternera beef/veal
la ternera beef/veal
la carne de cerdo pork
el cerdo pork
la carne de chancho (LatAm) pork
el chancho (LatAm) pork
el cochino (LatAm) pork
la carne de cochino (LatAm) pork
la carne de cordero lamb
el cordero lamb
la carne de conejo rabbit
la carne de pavo turkey
el pavo turkey
la carne de pollo chicken
el pollo chicken
la salchicha sausage
la vienesa (LatAm) sausage
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